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Old Techniques & Modern Media: Hand-tinting Digital Photographs
Combining the best of both worlds, this studio class focuses on the application of traditional oil-based colorizing with paints and pencils on the latest and most user-friendly digital papers. [details include length of course, cost, materials info, who’s teaching & credentials etc.

Workshop in Hand-Tinting
will be a survey of techniques, taking place over shorter period of time–details t.c.

Photo Collage
Organized chaos? Surrealism by the scissors’ edge? Inspired by the exhibit in Chicago and elsewhere on Victorian Photo-Collage, we’ll be cutting, pasting, layering, painting, drawing and whatever other techniques come to mind to create your personal take on this surrealistic artform. We’ll stress a playful, irreverent approach that seeks to reinvent how we look at our images and gives you the freedom to create your own meaning with it. (more later–include structure etc.)

Fun with Pinhole Cameras (kids invited!)
Join our friend Jessica Holvay as she helps you create and shoot with a simple pinhole. A great way to discover the basics of film-based photography. more details tc

Basic Photography

The Basics of Darkroom Printing for young adults
An afternoon workshop to introduce budding young photographers to the way it “used to be done”. more details to follow

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