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Now showing through October, our exhibit “Emerging and Emerged” focuses on three painters at different stages in their artists’ journeys. Meredith Yelton recently moved to Chicago from Louisville, where she graduated with a degree in art. She works in oil on board in fairly large scale and has created a series of poignant images that speak to her experience of moving—those moments of wrapping, unwrapping; in between the states of leaving  and coming.

Ann Socha has been painting and drawing for many years, squeezing in studio time while her young daughter is at school and when Ann between teaching yoga classes. As a group, her skillfully rendered paintings of vintage cars and trucks capture the fascination with how beautiful-even in decay-America’a most worshipped consumer item was and is.

Ken Minami is a native Chicagoan with a background as a chef who transformed himself into a painter trained in the manner of the Boston School (the first Americans to study in the Paris atelier system of the 19th century), whose luminaries include John Singer Sargent, Edmund Tarbell and Dennis Miller Bunker. Ken is mostly a painter of urban scenes and still life. His former life cooking in restaurants still influences his still life work. The same instincts that guided his food pairings direct his compositions in paint. He says of them, “(I do) …small still lifes painted on metal whose subject is light, conveyed simply by the objects themselves. They are painted in a tradition hundreds of years old: Rubens, Chardin and Canaletto painted in this way. The hard surface is abraded with sandpaper and then oil primed. The color appears to sit up on the surface and hold its brilliance.”

Ken makes his living as a painter and teacher of painting at the Lill Street and Evanston Art Centers.

Our show will continue through October.

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