Repair, Restoration + Retouching

Restoration involves reproducing the damaged photograph, “disappearing” the damage and creating a corrected print or digital file. Whether the photo is faded, torn, has missing pieces, stains or is defaced, it will be returned to you the way you brought it in. The only thing that may happen is cleaning or light repair in order to assure the best final print possible. Occasionally, the damage is slight and a little retouching is done on the original to solve the problem.

Customer photographs are handled personally by me or only under my direct supervision. We know your pictures’ whereabouts every step of the way and our methods of care have proven to be fail-safe.

Our systems at Painted Light are flexible to allow virtually any type of image to be handled, however odd it may be. We can work with your paper prints, from negatives, slides, glass with a photo stuck onto it–pretty much anything that contains image. Customers bring us shellacked wooden plaques, photo-pillows, and plastic vacation viewers. We restore crayon prints, which are often very large, often convex-shaped, and very fragile. And because we have a custom framing department, we are well equipped to extract your photographs from their old frames and reframe them per your instructions.

If necessary, we can make a traditional copy negative. Most times however, high quality scanning yields a finely detailed reproduction that is restored digitally, using skills sensitized through years of doing restoration by hand. We do as little or as much as you request–we don’t remove moles or scars unless you tell us to! Our goal is not always to create a “perfect” image, but one that represents your relationship to the picture and your feelings about it personally, aethestically and historically.

When the restoration is approved by the customer, we make a brand new print using the latest high quality digital papers and archival ultrachrome inks. Test prints are done to assure the color and tones are correct–when requested, we match the color of the original exactly. All papers and inks are archival up to current standards and are museum quality, with a fiber base and a variety of fine surfaces. Finished prints can be sepia toned, colorized, enlarged or reduced. Please visit those sections to learn more.

Approaching client jobs as “art projects” –whether they are the finest studio portrait or an fuzzy snapshot–frees us up to assist our customers with what is important to them. We listen and offer ideas–oftentimes coming up with end results far beyond what they had imagined possible.

All of our work is guaranteed.

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