Pricing depends upon the size of the original and the final duplicates; how extensive the damage is and what other steps we have to take with your piece. Some jobs are relatively straightforward and inexpensive–$45 to $125; others are more difficult and complex and can cost a bit more.

There really is no “typical” cost for restoration and colorization, but we will do a reliable estimate when we can assess your particular job and the time frame.

Duplication costs depend upon the size of the original and of the subsequent copies, what has to be done to get it ready for final printing, and how many duplicates you are ordering. This is something we can ascertain after a conversation or email communication.

We ask for a deposit in addition to a Visa or Mastercard credit card on file before we begin work on your project.

If you need to mail your project to us, phone or email at the addresses below and we will instruct you appropriately when we assess your project.

Painted Light Photography & Framing Gallery

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