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In early 2010 Painted Light Photography & Framing Gallery was certified as a 3-Star Sustainable Business by Eco-Andersonville, an organization which spearheads a variety of environmental initiatives to make our area more sustainable over the long term. In order to achieve this designation, we had to meet several criteria under the categories “People, Planet & Prosperity”. Though we got the highest rating currently available, attaining that initial goal inspired us to discover new ways to practice a deeper level of sustainability in an ongoing and meaningful way.

We have been on the ground floor in partnership with Eco-Andersonville by sponsoring the first ever and now ongoing Farmers’ Market, as well as the sidewalk bin recycling program, which is now established as a unique (unfortunately!) local system for easy and efficient collection of a huge amount recyclable materials which would otherwise end up in the landfill.

We have established additional goals for ourselves moving forward, and will no doubt continue to add to this list as we strive to be better stewards of resources of all kinds.

Painted Light Sustainability Goals

  • Invest in more energy-efficient fluorescent worklights by mid-2011
  • Research and identify business partners for who are using 100% sustainable forestry practices and/or producing eco-friendly materials (such as bamboo), for the framing and gift industries
  • Identify more sources for reusing and repurposing our “trash” materials such as leftover matboard and foam core
  • Install a rain barrel by spring 2011 to capture water for watering our outdoor planters
  • Find a source for recycling picture framing glass
  • Develop an attractive system for utilizing leftover kraft paper for packaging and labeling
  • Conduct a “carbon footprint” analysis with regard to the shipping of products and develop a program for offsetting our impact.

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