Expertise & Creativity

As owner and primary framing designer, my combination of hands-on experience, professional training, and resourceful tinkering have allowed me to claim a level of expertise and an ongoing creativity when approaching client’s projects. I train my staff accordingly and as a result, Painted Light has great expertise in all phases of custom framing:

  • design
  • technical analysis of objects & materials
  • mat cutting, decoration & hand-wrapping of fabric mats
  • glazing options and conservation issues
  • creative use of photography & a variety of appropriate media
  • cost analysis & budgetary issues
  • frame repairs & retouching
  • creating and constructing shadow boxes
  • application of collage and mixed media

Everyone who works in our production department has an art and/or photography background. Even our bookkeeper is a photographer and a felter! My production staff and I are committed to bringing our imagination, caring, long experience and hand-crafting skills to bear on the most surprising requests our customers present us with.

I have built a base of loyal customers over 20 years. Our “expansive capabilities” give us the tools to bring an uncommon touch to what we do at Painted Light, and to go the extra mile. Being a “custom” shop means that each framing job has an integrity all its own and we start from there, not from a playbook with formulized or pre-fab answers. Because besides building frames for the long term, we are building relationships for the long term as well.

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