Conservation Issues

Doubtless due to our history dealing with antique and historic photographs, we have an especially keen sense of the importance of using archival techniques and conservation quality materials. If you are spending the money to get your artwork framed, you deserve quality materials—from front to back. We have a full range of archival glazing, matting, mounting boards, hinging tapes, pastes and adhesives, ending with our signature grey acid-free backing that won’t easily tear and degrade over time.

There is naturally an associated cost in using archival and conservation materials, so we are careful to explain the ramifications of using or not using these materials, and leave it up to you to decide what’s more important for you.

Should your artwork require attention from a qualified art conservator, we are happy to make recommendations from the variety of people we work with. Otherwise, in our hands, your artwork will be given the utmost care and respect.

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