Custom Framing

As compelling as any given work of art can be, it is not complete until given the proper framing. Not to distract but to enhance, the right framing genuinely “finishes” artwork–giving it a safe, unified and appropriate home in which to live and thrive for a long time to come. Our custom framing service offers a high degree of individualized attention, creative problem-solving, range of services and a quality product for a fair price. We can design a simple black frame/white mat for you, or come up with a frame design that is a work of art in itself.

We started the framing department 19 years ago, when our photograph restoration customers wanted to do everything in one location with someone they trusted. Starting out with a small selection of vintage frame and mat samples, we now offer a dazzling array of frame mouldings ranging from less expensive ready-made and stock frames, to highly customized, hand-leafed frames—and everything in between. No matter what your project entails, you will leave our shop with a finished piece that reflects both your style and your budget.

We don’t limit your matting choices like some places do, for their convenience and bottom line. We offer the fullest selection that the industry has to offer as well as well as making customized fabric-wrapped and hand-decorated mats.

Framing is a passion, craft, a creative outlet, a challenge for all of us at Painted Light. Canvas paintings, works of art on paper, 3-D objects, textiles—we can frame anything you bring to us. Whatever you bring in, our goal is always to get it to you when you need it, and make your overall experience the best available anywhere.

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